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Meet Our Team

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Armen Dilanchian
Producer/Content Director
Armen Dilanchian is a celebrated producer and screenwriter, renowned for his work on the feature film "Pride Jewel." This film has achieved significant acclaim and is available on all major streaming platforms. As the founder of 4D Legacy Studios, established in 2019, Armen has been instrumental in steering the studio's vision and content creation. Under his leadership, 4D Legacy Studios has dedicated itself to producing innovative and engaging content, tailored for the rapidly evolving digital landscape. As theContent Director, Armen's expertise and creative direction have been pivotal in shaping the studio's unique narrative style and approach. His contributions to the film and digital content industry are marked by a deep understanding of storytelling, a passion for creativity, and a commitment to excellence. Armen's visionary leadership at 4D Legacy Studios continues to push the boundaries of digital content creation.
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Sonia Blangiardo-Goins
Sonia Blangiardo-Goins is a three time Emmy winner was born in in Brooklyn, New York. Sonia is a talented director, writer, and producer, known for Tainted Dreams, As the World Turns, Insane  and Days of Our Lives 
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Darrell Goode
Line Producer / Producer
Darrell, New York City native has a vast background in media finance, and film production. Darrell, has  over 20 years of experience in the field of entertainment industry. Darrell, has worked  at major media companies and networks such as A&E, Viacom, and CBS. Darrell, has also worked on  numerous T.V. series and live events such as Fuse’s Top 50/100 series, Fuse Present’s live, CBS college sporting events, MTV’s Wildin’ Out, Love and Hip-Hop, and the VMA's. Darrell, holds a   Master’s degree in Business Administration, and  a Bachelor's degree in film production from New York New School.
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Wes Chick
Wes has decades of experience in Screenwriting, Playwrighting, and Acting. As a recipient of the Michener Fellowship in Writing, he studied with James A. Michener and other influential writers, including conversations with Robert Schenkkan on character development and story structure and a class with Maya Angelou. He has garnered the American College Theatre Festival\Kennedy Center award for Best New Script and was a finalist in the Chesterfield Film Writers competition.
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