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Meet Our Team

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Armen Dilanchian
Founder / Producer
Armen Dilanchian is an award-winning screenwriter of the feature film Pride Jewel. Pride Jewel is currently streaming on all major streaming platforms. He is the founder of 4D Legacy Studios and Sr. Content Director. 4D Legacy Studios was founded in 2018 to create compelling and innovative content for today's fast-growing digital markets.
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Megan Louise Thill
Megan Louise Thill is an actor, singer, and producer with theater, film, and dance experience. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Megan obtained an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from Winona State University.
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Darrell Goode
Line Producer / Producer
Darrell, New York City native has a vast background in media finance, and film production. Darrell, has  over 20 years of experience in the field of entertainment industry. Darrell, has worked  at major media companies and networks such as A&E, Viacom, and CBS. Darrell, has also worked on  numerous T.V. series and live events such as Fuse’s Top 50/100 series, Fuse Present’s live, CBS college sporting events, MTV’s Wildin’ Out, Love and Hip-Hop, and the VMA's. Darrell, holds a   Master’s degree in Business Administration, and  a Bachelor's degree in film production from New York New School.
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Sarkis Bakalyan
Screenwriter / Podcast Host
Sarkis Bakalyan is an Armenian/American actor, screenwriter, and comedian. He hosted a radio show in Los Angeles on KLAS FM 89.7, as well as the Armenians Podcast. He is also one of the writers of a web series called "Real Acting" on Amazon. Additionally Sarkis is the co-writer of the sequel Pride Jewel - The Redemption, which is in development.
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Wes Chick
Wes has decades of experience in Screenwriting, Playwrighting, and Acting. As a recipient of the Michener Fellowship in Writing, he studied with James A. Michener and other influential writers, including conversations with Robert Schenkkan on character development and story structure and a class with Maya Angelou. He has garnered the American College Theatre Festival\Kennedy Center award for Best New Script and was a finalist in the Chesterfield Film Writers competition.
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