Casting Call

We are casting for a feature film “Pride Jewel”. Produced and written by Armen Dilanchian and directed by Doug Thomsen. Principal photography will take place in the Bay Area in June.

This film will be released November of 2020 in limited theaters and will be featured on streaming platforms.

Non-Union actors are encouraged to send us their headshot(s) and film reel.


No submission will be accepted without headshot or film reel.

  • Davit - Male - Ethnicity Ambiguous - 45 - 55 years old -  He is a sleek salesman with a pending foreclosure on his home. He is desperate for money and will do anything and swindle anyone even his own brother to get out of his predicament.

  • Joseph - Male - Ethnically Ambiguous - 45 - 60 years old - Armenian father in his mid-50’s protecting his son. Jeweler by trade he moves to the Bay Area to be close to his only living family member, Davit, his brother. He’s tormented by his infidelity years ago and is desperately trying to find a connection with his son and to rectify all the pain he had caused his son and his late mother.

  • Clerk - Male - all ethnicities welcome to apply - A man in his late 20s-mid 30s works at a jewelry store. He helps himself to the merchandise once in a while. He is very good at what he does and very charming when dealing with customers.

  • Kim - Female - Asian - 25-35 years old - Tough Asian female in her mid 30s. Street smart, into gambling,  works at a restaurant and acts as an informant to the cops. Tattoos are welcome! (Please note if you have any).

  • Bride - Female - Ethnically Ambiguous/Armenian/Italian/Greek - An Armenian bride in her mid to late 20s confronted with a difficult choice to make at her own wedding.

  • Groom - Male - Ethnically Ambiguous/Armenian/Italian/Greek/Russian - An Armenian groom in his late 30s, handsome and charming.  He deals with a crew of jewelry thieves at his own wedding.


PLEASE NOTE: We are also casting for EXTRAS ages 30-55.

All ethnicities are encouraged to apply.

Pay is available - Pay rate is based on the role..