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The Harsh Reality of Unanswered Emails in the Film Industry

By: Armen Dilanchian

In the vast expanse of the film industry, the dreamers, the creators, and the storytellers eagerly knock on doors, hoping for a chance to showcase their talents. Yet, many find themselves met with silence, their emails left unanswered, their calls ignored. This lack of response isn't just disheartening; it's emblematic of a deeper issue within the industry.

For those embarking on their journey as producers, directors, or actors, the radio silence from industry insiders can feel like hitting a brick wall. It's not just about seeking validation; it's about seeking opportunities, connections, and collaborations that could potentially shape their careers. And yet, too often, these emails vanish into the void, leaving aspiring filmmakers questioning their worth and their place in the industry.

Why does this happen? The answer lies in a combination of factors, but chief among them is the industry's obsession with protecting its own assets. In the cutthroat world of filmmaking, where competition is fierce and success is elusive, many professionals guard their contacts, their projects, and their time with a fervor bordering on paranoia. This culture of exclusivity breeds an environment where basic courtesy and respect become casualties of the relentless pursuit of profit.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Yes, the bottom line matters, and yes, the film industry is a business. But in our fervor to chase profits and secure deals, we mustn't lose sight of the human element—the relationships, the connections, the potential waiting to be unlocked in every email, every phone call, every interaction.

Consider this: how many brilliant ideas, how many groundbreaking stories, how many transformative films are slipping through the cracks because industry decision-makers can't be bothered to hit reply? By failing to engage with emerging talent, by ignoring the voices of the next generation of filmmakers, we risk stagnation, mediocrity, and irrelevance.

The solution lies in a shift in mindset—a return to a time when artistry and creativity were valued as highly as box office returns. Instead of viewing artists as expendable commodities, we must recognize their worth as innovators, as visionaries, as the lifeblood of an industry built on imagination and storytelling.

This means saying yes to conversations, yes to collaboration, and yes to nurturing relationships with aspiring filmmakers, even if they're still finding their footing. It means acknowledging that every unanswered email represents a missed opportunity—for connection, for inspiration, for growth.

And perhaps most importantly, it means rediscovering our collective passion for cinema—the kind of cinema that moves us, inspires us, challenges us. Because when we prioritize art over algorithms, when we invest in stories that resonate deeply with audiences, everyone wins. Filmmakers find their voices, audiences find their passion, and the industry finds its soul once again.

So let's make a commitment—to each other, to ourselves, to the future of filmmaking. Let's pick up the phone, let's answer those emails, let's start a conversation. Because who knows? The next cinematic masterpiece might be just one unanswered email away.

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