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Written by award-winning screenwriter Armen Dilanchian, Pride Jewel is set in San Francisco/Bay Area Ca.


A story of love, crime, revenge, and the American Dream.

An Armenian father and son immigrate to the U.S. after a massive earthquake levels their small town in Armenia. Andre and his father move to the Bay Area, in hopes of a better life. Amidst the challenges of this new environment, no job prospects, and desperate for a family life, Andre quickly turns to jewel thief Cyrus for guidance. Andre tries to make fast money, but he has a change of heart when Cyrus instructs his crew to make a score at an Armenian wedding. In the end, we find revenge is the only way out and redemption is nowhere to be found.


Pride Jewel is the proud winner of "Best Picture"" at the Paris Film Festival, Amsterdam International Film Festival, and 12 "Best Screenplay" awards across the globe.


4D Legacy Studios and Phoenix Art Foundation are proud to present this award winning film. This film is inspired by true events of four-day war in April of 2016 in Armenia. “It’s Spring…” (Գարուն ա...), took over $10M to complete.


The movie depicts paternal relationships spanning three generations and their conflicting ideologies on life. The grandfather, Aram, is a seasoned soldier, a former General who has devoted his entire life to creating and preserving a government for his country. His son, Gnel, is a businessman who to this day cannot forgive his father for putting country above family. Grandson, Levon, is a talented musician who is inspired by his grandfather's ideology. However, in the life of our hero his future and his sense of duty for his country collide creating the film's main conflict.  


The unexpected war in Armenia disturbs the peace in the relationships between the three generations. In this film we witness a tragedy of a nation through one family's story...

Inspired by a true event during the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes Forest. Central to the story are three isolated American paratroopers, one wounded, struggling through drifts of snow, when they come upon a small cabin in the woods. Inside, a German mother and her tween-age son are in a mood for a Christmas celebration. In the twilight she sees the bedraggled Americans in the snow and lets them in.


Harry, the wounded one, is given a bed and a chance to rest while the others are treated to warm coffee. The respite does not last long however. Soon, five German soldiers appear at the door asking for shelter. The scene is set for conflict, but with a cool head, Elizabeth invites them in, on condition that they not object to her guests. After a tense confrontation, Elizabeth insists that all weapons be left outside, and the soldiers, boys that they are, submit to a mother's rule! Dinner is served, and combatants join hands as Elizabeth intones a prayer of peace. Harry's wound is tended by a German medic, and through rudimentary communications, agreement is found about the pointlessness of war. A quiet night passes in warmth and shelter, and the morning rays light an angelic expression on Elizabeth's face as she wakes to find the soldiers rearmed and ready to depart. The Americans have a sled to carry the recovering Harry, and the German Corporal advises them how to find their way back to their own lines. Thanking Elizabeth for her kindness, they depart. Back in her now empty cabin, Elizabeth collapses in relief and gratitude. For a night at least, Peace has conquered War.

Filmed over 15 months, this gripping one-hour documentary offers an unfiltered look at what it’s like to be a healthcare worker in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic. It follows the staff of a hospital from the moment they admit their first Covid-19 patient in June 2020, till after the third wave.


Gripping and emotional – at parts intense, yet also hopeful – what makes Zero to Zero especially stand out is that it’s filmed by a healthcare worker with unprecedented access to the hospital frontline. This story narrates what unfolded during the darkest moments of the Covid peaks where no cameras were allowed. It deals with patients during life and death situations, but the focus remains on the indomitable strength of the human spirit.


The unequalled footage from ICU and beyond tells a story of despair and hope. It humanizes the frontline workers, showing the world a glimpse of what they have had to face.


4D Legacy Studios presents, Let The People Decide. 

A compelling new documentary, examining the voting rights in America! 

'Let the People Decide' traces the history of voting rights struggles in the United States from 1960 through the present day. The film draws parallels between the Mississippi voter registration drive of the early 1960's and North Carolina's 'Moral Monday' movement in the present day.

A key goal of the film is connecting the dots between the generations to contextualize the current political environment surrounding race and voting. In 3 acts the film will travel across nearly 60 years to show how the current battles over voting are not a new front in the struggle over who gets to vote, but part of a continuing conflict that goes back many decades.


Now as then, both sides claim the moral high ground. In the 1960's, race was the clear driving force of the conflict, today the fight is couched in claims of fraud and suppression. Political parties have drawn lines in the sand and this project will present arguments from all sides in order that the film can live up to it's name and 'Let the People Decide'.

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Prepare to be immersed in a tale that transcends generations! 4D Legacy Studios (www,, in association with Oaktree Multimedia Group, presents an enthralling narrative from award-winning producer Armen Dilanchian and director Jon Stevens. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as we delve into the Monahan family's world in "Irish Whiskey."

Set against the backdrop of a changing world, "Irish Whiskey" explores the complexities of love, familial bonds, and the struggle for identity. Meet Michael Monahan, a man torn between his aspirations for political office and the values ingrained within his own family.

As he vies for the mayoral seat, Michael finds solace in the warm embrace of Irish whiskey, a comforting companion amidst his turmoil. However, what begins as a coping mechanism soon spirals out of control, threatening to unravel the very fabric of Michael's life. Even his devoted wife finds herself grappling to maintain stability for their children as the effects of his choices ripple through their family. Don't miss the gripping journey of "Irish Whiskey," where every sip brings us closer to the heart of the Monahan family's struggle. Stay tuned for its release, coming soon to captivate and provoke your senses. Subscribe now to our channel for updates and exclusive content!
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